Saturday, February 21, 2009

Courtesy Listing for the Nevada SPCA: Haru

Haru is a 7 year old adorable black male pug that is available at the Nevada SPCA.  Their info is:, and their number is: (702) 873-SPCA (7722).   He is diabetic, and needs insulin shots twice a day.  Other than that, he is happy, sweet, and gets along with dogs and cats. If you know of anyone who might be looking to add a very special addition to their home, please contact the NVSPCA. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Where are they now? Update on Calamity Jane (formerly known as Ebony)

How ADORABLE are these pictures?

Calamity Jane, formerly known as Ebony, came into rescue last year.  She was adopted by a wonderful family, and has made herself right at home!  She now has pug siblings to play with: Bonnie, Clyde, Bugsy, and Al Capone!

Her new family has made sure she is loved and cared for, removing a tumor and getting her teeth cleaned (no more stinky breath!).    After being with her new family for almost a year, she has become a happy camper, and follows her mommy around everywhere.  She loves cuddling, kissing, and has won over everyone's heart (can you blame them? Look at her face!).  Thank you to the Fortunato's for giving "Maty" her perfect home.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where are they now? Update on Darth

Darth came into rescue in December of 2008 and quickly found a forever home.  He enjoys playing endlessly with his big sister, sleeping in the people bed and helping his sister hog the bed from Mom and Dad, chewing and playing with his favorite toys, cuddling with his sister when he is done playing, lounging in the sun, eating treats, and going to SNPR meet-ups.  Darth loves his new home and has settled in wonderfully-he is a loveable guy who loves to give everyone he meets a BIG kiss!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meet Up Pictures from 2/15/09-Part 2

More pictures from today. Visit our Event page on to see our list of upcoming meet ups and events.

Meet Up Pictures from 2/15/09

To see all the pictures from today, please visit: SNPR Photobucket

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Upcoming Events

We have a few events coming up!

Pug Meet Ups:

  • February 15th at 11:00 am-Bark-n-Basin - Northwest Las Vegas at Alexander/Tenaya
  • Saturday, February 21st at 7pm-The District in Henderson (in front of the Coffee Bean)

  • Saturday, Feb. 28th-10 am to 2 pm at Paseo Verde Park.  It's free! 

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sophie was found last year in a field by animal control and was taken to the local animal shelter. Unfortunately, she was covered in bumps and the shelter was going to put her down. SNPR took her in and thus began a long road to diagnosis. She was eventually found to have “mastocytosis” a rare immune disorder with an unknown prognosis. A year later, Sophie is doing very well, with her bumps controlled by a combination of steroids and Atopica. She is a very happy, very active little girl and has quickly become the boss of her two pug brothers. What Sophie wants, Sophie gets.

Elvis came to SNPR as a very sick puppy. Unless he had heart surgery, his prognosis wasn’t very good. Today, Elvis is a happy, active young pug who is, according to his vet, “healthy as an ox.” Elvis makes regular appearances at our pug meet ups at Dog Fancier park. His mom, Jo, reports that he is a major cuddler, and makes monkey like noises when she hugs him. He also is best friends with his pug brother, Joey. Elvis and Joey are the July centerfolds in our SNPR calendar (hubba hubba)!


Phoebe was one of SNPR’s first rescues after we took over for KC’s Pug Rescue. Over 3 years later, her mom, Staci, reports that Phoebe is healthy, happy, and a very important part of her life. Phoebe now enjoys walks in the park, and road trips to Arizona and California. Staci adores her so much that even Phoebe’s snores and pug farts don’t bother her-a sign she is truly “pugged”!


Kish and Raelene adopted Buddy from SNPR a few years ago. Buddy loves to sleep on their couch and bed, and still behaves very much like a puppy. He loves all his toys and has a brother he loves very much. Buddy also demands nightly treats-SNPR is glad to hear he is living the life all pugs deserve.

Thank you Kish and Raelene!


Hi! My name is Marley, and I am loved, fed, and doing better each day. Not every day was like today and the tomorrows that follow, as before I was a product of a breeder's lust for money and when I couldn’t feed his need anymore, I was cast away like a piece of garbage to a kill facility where I was to be euthanized that day!

Some kind folks took pity on me and brought me to Nevada to be part of Southern Nevada Pug Rescue. My brother Petey came with me and he was blind and hard of hearing and Southern Nevada Pug Rescue placed us in a foster home to get us better, and fatter as we were really sick when we came to them We also needed to be socialized so we could find loving, forever homes.

Petey and I were both sick with kennel cough and we almost didn’t make it, but there is a happy ending to this story as both of us got adopted into forever homes who love us like we have never been loved before. Petey has Bassett brothers and sisters, while I have a mix of brothers and sisters.

I couldn’t make it up stairs at one time, but with a lot of good food, a loving family, and working with my back legs with exercises, I now love to climb 3 stairs so I can lay on the couch or sit by my sister’s window seat in the kitchen to look at the outside. I have a big back yard to go and roam, but I am still learning what other dogs have known all along- how to go outside to the bathroom and how to play well with others. I know I will get there someday, as just a month ago, they were talking about getting me a doggie wheelchair to help me, but not anymore!

Please if you are a puppymill, or a puppy shop store owner, please stop and think what you are doing. You place us in cages where the feces and urine has to be walked on by us and we are never let out of our small cages, where there are sometimes 2 and 3 of us to a cage. We never get outside to walk and every time we have our cycle, we are bred to fill your pocketbooks. Please have a heart and stop this cycle.


Minnie was adopted in May of 2007 by Ann and Nic. Her mom states that they are each other’s number one fan, and Minnie showers her with kisses every morning. Minnie loves to sleep curled up next to her mom, and has to have her head on her mom’s head or neck-this makes sleep a little uncomfortable! Minnie lives with her sister Lola and her cat brother Osi.

Thank you Ann and Nic for adopting Minnie!

Updates on SNPR Pugs!

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