Saturday, May 16, 2009

SNPR Event at the Soggy Dog-May 29th!

An Exclusive After Hour Pug Scrub at the Soggy Dog will be held on Friday May 29th from 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM. With any donation made to SNPR, Dog Washes are discounted to $10.00!

We would love to see as many PUGS come in as possible. We are hoping to make a fun video of the event and add it to the web site. Please bring your Pugs and Pug Friends to the Soggy Dog for our exclusive Pug Scrub and maybe even get an SNPR Board Member to help you Scrub your Pug! The more Pugs, The more fun it will be!!! Hope to see you all there.

Please spread the word!

The Soggy Dog is a do-it-yourself dog wash where you can enjoy washing your pet in a fresh, clean environment, knowing he is in safe hands.....your own. The Soggy Dog is located 1/2 mile south of I-215, on the corner of Stephanie and Horizon Ridge. They have a collection bin where you can drop off items we need, such as harnesses and leashes! Please visit their website: www.​thesoggydog.​com

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Butters and Miss Sofia-The Finale (for now!)

The story from the last post, continued...

As a member of SNPR since March 2005 and as one who promotes the need for anyone who shows interest to seeks out and provide a forever home to any rescue, I discovered that God works in mysterious ways in rewarding those who preach this gospel.

I had not been to the dog park nearby our home since Ginger’s passing for a few months. Hot summer weather, an increase in my work schedule, and the overall malaise that permeated my thoughts about having to go there without our “Big Mama” seemed to preclude the opportunity to go.

In Early November, I was at the dog park on a day which I usually do not go, and had stayed later than I usually would have. In short, I was there on a different day and different time that I had ever been, but I was compelled to take Butters and Jade to the park to run and play. While there, a very nice woman named Jenny asked me about the kids, and then shared with me an incredible story.

Jenny said that about three months earlier a coworker told her about his family pet. It was a little female Pug that he had purchased in early 2007 at a pet store for his family of five kids because they all wanted a dog. Unfortunately, the all too familiar scenario played itself out: a few months after getting the puppy home they kids no longer wanted to provide the required care, he was busy at work, and the mom already had her hands full with her five kids (all under the age of twelve). So, this little Pug puppy was put into her small when not being played with, and starved of the love, attention, and affection any little one deserves. This coworker had finally decided that he was just going to take the now one and a half year old puppy to the shelter and have her put down. Jenny heard this and quickly intervened. She convinced her coworker to let her take this little Puggie, and she did, despite already having three large dogs already in her home.

Jenny did the right thing, and wanted to make absolutely certain that she was able to find the right home for this little girl. Jenny didn’t want to run an ad and didn’t just want to take the Pug to any shelter, as she was fearful someone would just take her to use as a breeder. So, Jenny had this little one at her home until she found the answer.

Jenny was the park on a day of the week and a time of the day she usually does not attend... the same as me. We talked, and I was able to tell her about SNPR and the wonderful work they do, and that had the privilege of having had four rescue Pugs, three of whom direct from SNPR and one on our own. She agreed that SNPR would be a great option, and would discuss this with her husband when he returned from his business trip in about a week or so. I gave Jenny my name and number and told her to call me at any time, and also gave her the contact info for SNPR.

When I got home later that day, I mentioned that I felt I had done my good deed for the day by being in the right place at the right time to provide this vital information.

I did not get Jenny’s name or phone number at that meeting. I believed that if it was meant to be, she would call me, but I truly believed that she would definitely reach out to SNPR after talking it over with her husband. We talked about it in our home on and off again for a couple of weeks, with the persistent question, “If this little girl becomes available, can we foster? Or, do we want to think about opening our home to her?” We decided that fate would deliver the answer, if and or when such an answer was available.

About four weeks later, late on a Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from Jenny. She told me that they agreed that SNPR would be a great choice, and that she and her husband were definitely impressed with the passion I had expressed in speaking of SNPR and of our Puggies. She asked if I could come by that evening, and I said I had to work until 9PM, and could we do it the next day. She said that she was a night owl, and any time was okay, and that any other day would be difficult. So, at 10:15PM on June 24, 2008, I walked into Jenny’s home and met Sofia.

Sofia had the most engaging eye contact I had ever seen, and it was obvious she had an endless supply of love within her just bursting to get out. I took out my cell phone to take a picture, and she immediately sat up and posed. She came right to me, and Jenny remarked that she had never gone to anyone else. It was Jenny’s belief that Sofia knew in her heart that I was there for her. By this time, we had assumed that Jenny had decided to keep her or found another home or had even been in contact with SNPR. We had also decided that if we were blessed to get the call from Jenny, we would open our hearts and our home... provided there was a good match with Jade and Butters. We figured that the worst case scenario, we would foster until SNPR could find her a forever home. To us, it was a no lose situation, and we knew we had to act.

I brought Miss Sofia home about 11:30ish, and as soon as I placed her in front of Jade and Butters, we were amazed how quickly they bonded. Jade showered her with kisses, and Butters immediately had his BFF. It is true: from that moment one Butters and Sofia have been the absolute best of friends. They play with each other all the time, share blankets, and thrive on each other’s company. Jade has become more active due to this increase in energy level in our home, and she is acting as young as any two year old. I have never seen Jade happier than she is right now.

The Good Lord gives and takes away... and by whatever you call it, luck, good timing, or divine intervention, we were able to once again be blessed.

All in all, we have had five rescue Pugs come into our lives in four years:
Miss Dolly Pugdon on May 7, 2005
Miss Ginger “Big Mama” on March 16, 2007
Miss Jade “Jay-jay” on March 16, 2007
Butters “Stinky Butt-butt” on June 13, 2007
Miss Sofia “Fifi” on June 24, 2008

We can never show enough love to Jade, Butters, and Sofia for all the happiness that have brought into our lives... but we try every single day to make sure they know they are the most precious gifts we have ever received, and that our love for them knows no bounds.

We are eternally grateful for all those at SNPR, from KC & Rudy and to all those who dedicate so much of their time, efforts, and personal funds to provide loving forever homes for all the little ones. Thank you KC & Rudy for Miss Dolly, and for Ginger & Jade. Thank you Renee for picking up Ginger & Jade and allowing us into your home to meet these two angels. Thank you to whomever mentioned this litter of puppies that were about to be sold to a puppy mill pet store. Thank you to Jenny and Heinrich for rescuing Sofia and finding it in their hearts to allow her to come home with us.

Most of all, we want to say thank you to Dolly, Ginger, Jade, Butters, and Sofia for allowing us to the honor of being in their lives. We will always be grateful more than any words can say.

Butters (Jade & Ginger's Story Con't)....

From Dolly Pugdon, Jade and Ginger's Dad-their story continued:

As I have said, Jade and Ginger came into our lives at a special time. Their arrival reminded us of the values that we all hold dear: that we are to be available to provide a forever home when called upon.

Dolly’s loss devastated us; Ginger & Jade’s arrival brought two bright new lights into our lives.

Ginger’s passing a year later was almost too much to bear, but Jade was still with us and learning to become more trusting with people, and we had added to our family a few months prior an amazing little guy names Butter.

Jade & Ginger were happy at last after many years of abuse, and they had learned to love and be loved. Then, a friend of a friend at work said that she knew of a man whose Pugs had just produced a litter, and that he was going to sell the puppies to the first available privately owned pet store if he couldn’t find homes. Naturally, we were stunned to hear that this was going to happen, and while we knew we couldn’t adopt all five pups, we felt the obligation to try to prevent even just one from going through that ordeal. We firmly believed then, as we do now, that these pups could very possibly end up in rescue after a few months or years, but only after having gone through one of so many scenarios we have all heard about.

So, on a June 13, 2007, we drove to Sandy Valley and picked up Butters at the tender age of 8 weeks young.

Ginger immediately became a watchful and protective guardian, while Jade acted as a big sister and seemed to show him how things were done in their house. Butters accepted them right away, and they accepted him just as fast; he was family from Day One.

So, when on March 6, 2008, Ginger went over the Rainbow Bridge, Jade was not alone... she had Butters. It was obvious they missed Ginger, and Butters seemed to keep looking for her around the house, not understanding where she was.

Once again a family of two Puggies... but only for a while. CONTINUED IN THE NEXT POST!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nevada Dogs Need Your Help

The Nevada Legislature is currently considering legislation (S.B. 132) that would restrict a person from cruelly tethering a dog.

Dogs are naturally social creatures who thrive on interaction with human beings and other animals. A dog kept chained in one spot for hours, days, months, or even years suffers immense psychological damage. An otherwise friendly and docile dog, when kept continuously chained, becomes neurotic, unhappy, anxious, and often aggressive.

S.B. 132 has passed the Senate and now awaits action in the Assembly.​Please make a brief, polite call to your Nevada assemblymember to urge support for S.B. 132 to prevent the cruel chaining of dogs outside

To find out who to call, and to send an email in support of the bill, please visit:The Humane Society Action Page

Sunday, May 10, 2009

SNPR Alumni Update-Jade & Ginger

Jade and Ginger helped heal some of the pain after Dolly Pugdon passed away. From their daddy:

We had the blessing to have had Miss Dolly Pugdon with us, and her passing left an amazingly large and painful hole in our hearts. Nothing could ever take her place, but we learned we were soon to be blessed again.

I firmly believe everything happens for a reason, and that we are called upon when we are needed the most. It was only four days after Miss Dolly went over the Bridge that we got a call from Rudy. We talked about Dolly and cried together, and then Rudy delicately brought up the fact that we had thought about a second Pug in our home for some time. She mentioned that two sisters were being picked up that very day from an abusive situation, and she and KC really wanted to keep them together for their happiness. When she told their story, how could we not open our hearts.

Jade and Ginger were about 3½ years old, and their lives had been no treat. Their family had decided to move and just leave them behind. They were left with his mom or her mom, in what was thought a caring home. This woman clearly did not want Jade and Ginger because we were told she kept they locked outside during the day, and then crated them into one small crate together at night. No love, no warmth... nothing.

Then it went from bad to worse. A neighbor said he would take Jade and Ginger to provide them with a loving home, but what he did was took them for breeding purposes. We don’t know how long he had them, but it was apparent they had at least one to two litters each. When he was through with them, he wanted to be rid of them, and somehow they ended being picked up by SNPR. That’s when I got the call.

I remember the day we met them. They were very much afraid of humans, and who could blame them? They had not had a positive experience thus far, and they had no reason to trust people. They were very dirty, had ear infections, and definitely could use a good meal and a few snackies.

Jade warmed up a little bit after a few minutes, allowing Eldan to pet her and show her we meant no harm. Ginger was very standoffish, and only after some patience and persistence and a snackie did I finally get her to come near me. I talked to her and continued to show her that I had love for her, and she finally allowed me to get close enough to pet her and put on a harness and leash to take her home.

That afternoon, after two baths and a nice meal, Jade and Ginger felt comfortable enough to roam the house and yard. Soon they knew they were home and they were loved. It took about two weeks for them to learn to not sleep curled up against each other as they had done when they were in the crate. They had their own little beds near to each other. They followed us each and every step we took every day. They knew and we knew that they were in their forever home.

I mention the trust issue with people because they finally learned that all humans were not bad and abusive. They learned to trust others we met. It was slow progress, but love conquers all.

Ginger and Jade even learned to open up their home to a new addition, a puppy whom we rescued straight from the litter. He was to be sold off into a mill, but through a friend of a friend we learned about him and brought him home at the tender age of 7½ weeks. The girls never once turned against him, and they showed signs of nurturing and caring for him, and showing him the rules of the house. Ginger has become our “Big Mama”, keeping the little guy in line.

Then, the unthinkable. It was just about one year to the day when we lost Miss Dolly and our hearts were heavy with thoughts of her when Ginger suddenly started to have a seizure. I rushed her to our doctor, and he said he could keep her calm but the seizures were showed no sign of stopping. Two days later, Miss Ginger, our “Big Mama”, quietly and peacefully went over the Bridge in her sleep. Once again, my heart was torn in two.

Ginger’s portrait sits next to Dolly’s. I still cry for both of them and cannot never express how much love they brought into our lives.

One thing I will never forget – about a week before Ginger left us I was just sitting on the couch and she did something she had never done before.. While she would usually sit next to me, this time she jumped on my lap on pressed herself tightly against me, resting her head just below my chin. We sat motionless like this for a while, expressing our love for each other in a special way which can never be fully described by words. Our trust and love was complete... our hearts were one.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sohie Enjoys a Bath At Soggy Dog

SNPR Alumni Sophie met our friends Tracy and Vera at The Soggy Dog for a bath, and had a great time.

Don't forget to stop by. They have a bin to collect items for our rescue, so if you have any items we need, such as harnesses and leashes, you can drop them off!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Soggy Dog in Henderson, NV!

Big Pug Hugs and Thank You's go out to Vera and Tracy at The Soggy Dog.

May is Southern Nevada Pug Rescue month at The Soggy Dog in Henderson. Please stop by and wash your pugs and make a donation to the rescue while you are there. Please check back soon to see when SNPR board members will be at The Soggy Dog for an exclusive after hours "Pug Scrub" benefitting SNPR.

For more information visit them at: http:​/​/​www.​thesoggydog.​com/​

The Soggy Dog is located 1/2 mile south of I-215, on the corner of Stephanie and Horizon Ridge.
(Behind Metro Pizza)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Meet Up-Part 3

Meet Up Pictures-Part 2

Meet Up Pictures

Some pictures of the meet up from today at Sunset Park. Thanks for coming out!

SNPR Alumni-Dolly Pugdon

Dolly Pugdon was a very special lady. We recently got an email from her dad, who loved her very much:

"On May 7th, 2005, we were blessed to be chosen by KC & Rudy to welcome into our home Miss Dolly Pugdon. She was just over six years old, and when our eyes met it was mutual and endless love at first sight.
Miss Dolly quickly knew in her heart that she was in her forever home.
She was part of everything we did, everywhere we went, and all the celebrations... including Pug-O-Rama 2006 as a fairy princess and on her own birthday! She was as anxious to see me come home as I was to see her when I got home...She was the center of our lives, every day she brought joy and happiness into our home.

On March 10th, 2007, Miss Dolly Pugdon, our Little Miss Poo-Poos, the light of our lives, went over the Rainbow Bridge. Her time with us was far too short. Even now I still cry uncontrollably when I think of her. Her portrait is in our room in a place of honor.

We will love her and miss her forever."

Thank you Ron, for taking such good care of her and giving her such a great home. Here are some pictures of the beautiful Dolly.